Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Christmas Links

This week we tried cutting snowflakes from coffee filters. This group of kids just liked the scissors and didn't really get into cutting snowflakes. They tried but just couldn't get into it. (I didn't really get photos of their efforts. It was a busy day.) Kids in last year's group loved it. And they really worked to get it just right (by their own standards). Check out the pictures of last year's snowflakes. I'd still recommend this as a fun activity for winter or Christmas.

Here are a few other favorite posts from around the blogosphere with some Christmas ideas—

Peppermint Play Dough (PreK + K Sharing): I love to make play dough, but I have not made any peppermint play dough. I think this would be a great sensory experience...or a great gift for kids.

Handmade Pine Tree Holiday Cards (Frugal Family Fun Blog): These are so simple and so cute. I think a batch of these would be fun for kids to make...or for an adult to make to send to kids.

Christmas Bow Magnetic Play (Teach Preschool): Everything that Deborah has been doing with her class this month has be fun and inspiring to me. I love the idea of magnetic play with bows. Don't you just have a stash of used bows that you didn't want to toss? Now you have a use for them!

Christmas Door (Getting Messy with Ms Jessi): I love the idea of creating a handprint tree without all the stress of putting hands in the "right place." And I can see this idea translate into lots of other applications, too - not just Christmas trees.

Paint Chip Ornaments (StrongStart): Another simple idea with few resources. Kids could make them as gifts to give...or these would make fun gifts or bag tags for kids.

There are a lot of great ideas all over this year. I just don't have time to do them all!

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  1. love it Scott, we have such similar taste - most of my favourites are on there too - I have run out of time too to even attempt to make any of them! Happy Holidays :)