Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keeping My Eyes Open

Last week when we were making our angels I observed one of my guys folding and cutting a coffee filter, making something that resembled a snowflake. So this week, I decided to follow his lead and put those things on a table for kids to use.

I told kids to fold and cut pieces from their coffee filters.

Some decided to experiment with cutting different ways or folding only once before cutting.

Results were impressive.

Lesson: Keep your eyes open and watch what your kids are doing with the materials. Never underestimate the power of observing your kids' actions and following their lead. You may discover some wonderful activities.


  1. I absolutely agree Scott! You've got to love a developmental curriculum. That way the children do all the planning for you. It's like that saying Tom Hobson has about picking ideas up off the ground (I can't remember it exactly right now but I think of it all the time) ... You really do have to be open to everything.
    Donna :) :)

  2. "Don't tell me about your good ideas. Good ideas are lying all over the ground. Most people are either too stupid or lazy to bend down, pick them up, and do something with them." I think that's the quote Donna's remembering. It came from a German colleague of my wife.

    You picked this one up, Scott. We've used origami paper for snowflakes, but never coffee filters. Next up!

  3. You were right on cue! What a lucky guy to have a teacher so intuned with his needs!

  4. I love it! Most of the activities I embark on with my daughter are improvisations, taking cues from her interests!