Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a J. Or Is It?

This week I put out the J stencils and the dot painters. I made the J stencils last year by cutting a die-cut J in cardboard rectangles. We're using J since we were talking about the birth of Jesus.

A couple of kids colored some J shapes. Others created their own pictures without the stencils. Then H said, "I'm going to make a candy cane."

I love that H colored the stripes. Then she drew the cane around the stripes. And made the stripes longer to fill in the cane.

"This way is J...and this way is a candy cane."

When kids get hands on experience and freedom to create, they make all kinds of fun discoveries.


  1. I like this! I'm adding it to my "next year's" list. We did something similar in my class
    You have to scroll down a bit, but I use ea very sweet poem.

  2. Wonderful! Love it! You gave me my first smile of the morning :)