Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Going Fishing

This week we did one of my favorite activities–fishing.

A couple of chairs for a boat. A tackle box with snakes and frogs. Dowels with string and magnets. Fish shapes with paper clips. Fishing nets. And, thanks to Valerie at Frugal Family Fun blog, chenille stems bent into fish. (This is one of my favorite things ever. Thanks Valerie!)

A couple of times the kids had to work out problems - those using fishing poles clashed with someone scooping with the net.

The fishing corner got a little crowded from time to time, but things worked out okay.

The tackle box changed into a holder of the day's catch.

Of course, sometimes the net "caught" a friend, like previous years' play.

In addition to talking about fishermen, we worked on conflict resolution, coordination, and cooperative play. All in all a fun time.

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