Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Personal Musing

I tend to reflect and ponder. And right now, my brain is pondering and musing around several topics, blending and separating and recombining. I'm looking at each of these pieces and wondering how they all fit together.

I've been thinking a lot about boys and learning.

I've been reading Literacy Beginnings in the book study blog party and thinking about how young children should learn about literacy, math, science and other subjects. (Pre-K Pages is talking about Chapter 6 today.)

I've continued to see play as the basis for learning, in theory and in practice.

I keep returning to a conversation with a co-worker about her grandson and how he doesn't "fit" in his classroom due to some learning challenges.

I'm struggling with how God wants me to serve the people around me in my community.

I'm planning some conferences (that I'm leading in the next month or so) and working to have just the right presentations for the teachers I'll meet.

As all these collide in my head, I've come to at least one conclusion.

I'm not going to feed the status quo. I want to serve and teach boys and girls.

I want to advocate for noisy and messy -- for hands-on discovery -- for an environment that serves the kids not one that makes the kids serve it.

I don't know exactly what that means yet. I'm still exploring and pondering and thinking. (We reflective learners need time.)

I may make a ruckus and I may go down hard in the fight. But I want to make a difference in the lives of boys and girls. Brick by brick.

(Thanks for listening. Tomorrow we will return to the normal blog. I'll reflect more quietly now.)


  1. You just proved people who think teachers have the summer off wrong :) Congrats on the conferences!

    Vanessa @pre-kpages.com

  2. yes, yes, yes, agree! lovely that you give yourself blog time to turn your reflection into absolute commitment. can only make you a better teacher today :) rock on.

  3. Scott, have you read Vivian Gussin Paley's book: Boys and Girls; Superheroes in the Doll Corner? It is not a long book, but she has some good insights and plenty more food for thought on the subject.

  4. As someone who views teaching preschool as the very way God has called me to serve, I'd say you're not too far off. What an amazing opportunity we have to shower His love on some of His littlest ones! I don't have the opportunity to share the Bible with my preschoolers, but I am able to love on them every single day. I'd say your students and your community are extremely lucky (and blessed!) to have a teacher as dedicated as you.