Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Packed Tree

I haven't had a Christmas tree in the classroom in the past, but this year I wanted to have one that the kids decorated. So this week, I put a small tree in the homeliving center and added materials to create some simple decorations.

The table had some sparkly chenille stems, some paper strips, stickers, and staplers. I put one circle on the tree, and Cindy added a chenille stem "candy cane."

The kids began making circles and bending the stems. They experimented with stapling the strips into fish shapes and other shapes. At some point, markers were needed so those were added to the table.

The tree filled up. I love how it looks.

Then "H" began to make a chain. "A" saw what he was doing and began to do it, too. They created quite long chains.

We used all the materials on the table. With more time and materials, I'm sure the tree would have been even more packed. Notice that even the star had some ornaments added.

I didn't get a picture of the final tree, with the chains wound around it. I'll get a shot of that tomorrow and post it.


  1. I so looooooove Christmas! I love that the children get so involved ... I love that they make and create things they don't make or create at other times of the year ... I love that they join forces to make things bigger and better ... I even love the mess they make. It's just a great time of year to be working with children isn't it?!

    Oh and I'm loving that tree Scott ... too cute!!!

    Donna :) :)