Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the Road

Tomorrow I'm headed out to the Heart of the Child conference in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I'm leading 3 conferences during that meeting: Technology as a Tool for Preschool Teachers; Preschool Art A to Z; and Spice Up Your Group Time.

While I enjoy leading conferences, my favorite part is mixing with and learning from other early childhood leaders. Most of these leaders will be from churches, either church-based weekday programs or church teaching programs. In the technology conference, I'll talk about you--the people I interact with online through blogging and social media. I'll also share some art ideas that I read on your blogs. So, you've helped me get ready! (I'll also try to send a few new readers your way.)

I'm looking forward to learning at the conference, too. I always pick up one or two new ideas or thoughts. I'll report back any ideas that I "steal" from them!

What's your favorite part of attending a conference?

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  1. Wow, Scott! That's awesome that you are going to lead conferences. :) I love going to conferences. The more I go it seems like it tends to be the same information, but I am able to pull at least 2 new things from them. Have lots and lots of fun!! :)

  2. That looks like a wonderful conference. One of the first preschool type conferences I ever attended was sponsored by the SBC. Have a great trip and I look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

  3. Just like Ms. Jessi we find we tend to hear much the same information from the same speakers when we attend conferences, however ... in a few weeks time Sherry and I will be presenting at a conference here in Melbourne on 'how to present irresistible ideas to preschooler's'. Sooooo hopefully, as this is our first time presenting at a conference, people will be excited to go away with a few new ideas to try out!

    We look forward with interest to hear how you go ... have a great time!

    Donna :) :)

  4. Those sound like fresh topics~I'm With Jessi and Donna. I tend to see a lot of the same old stuff, but always try to take a few new ideas back with me. I'd sign up for any of those 3!

    Please share anything new~the next best thing to being there yourself is hearing about the fun things others learn when they go! :)