Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heart of the Child Conference

I had a great time at the Heart of the Child Conference in Broken Arrow, OK. Since I taught at each conference time, I didn't get to attend any of the other wonderful conferences. The one I really wanted to attend was called "Help! My Team Is Crazy!" That could have been helpful!

I did learn some things on my trip:
  • I still dislike flying. Well, not the flying part but everything that goes with it. I'd rather drive than fly anytime.
  • My teaching style is a little too random for PowerPoint. I did have to skip a couple of slides as I taught. (I don't use PowerPoint much, but needed to show lots of pictures in my art conference.)
  • Preschool and children's leaders are the best people. I enjoyed interacting with all the ones I met.
  • Oklahoma is a very windy least the Tulsa area was windy this weekend.
  • Talking about art with preschool teachers is just plain fun! Everyone is looking for new ideas - or at least some fun adaptations to familiar ideas.
  • What I think is an old idea may be new to someone else. Every time I talk about art, I'm surprised at what people react to. Sometimes I've been doing something for a while and they have never heard of it.
  • It is possible to teach about art without bringing paint and markers to use. Although bringing art supplies is a much more fun and engaging way to do it. (Next time, when I drive!)
I told them about my blog friends and hopefully some will visit your blogs in the next few weeks. (Teacher Tom, they were certainly intrigued by your flyswatter painting.)

Now I'm looking for a conference where I can go and absorb rather than teach. But I'll still get to interact with some of the best people on the planet - those who help boys and girls learn.


  1. Hi Scott! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like the oatmeal can idea. I will have to try that one. Love your blog. And yes, Oklahoma is VERY windy! :)


  2. I would love to go somewhere you were speaking Scott. What fun it would be to meet up! I hope you warned people that fly swatter painting is SUPER messy!

  3. Scott,
    I hear you on the power point. I have this wonderful power point that I created for presenting my music a recent conference and at the last minute - I scrapped it. I felt like it would limit me too much and not give me the freedom to go with the flow. I also hear you on being surprised at what may seem old to me is very new and exciting to other teachers. This is true for children too. Sometimes, what we may see as an old tired idea is still new and exciting to young children. I no longer discount an idea just because I have seen it over the years in art or in music!!

  4. Scott, I totally understand the power point thing ... actually what I mean is ... I totally do not understand the power point thing which is why I'm so lucky to have Sherry by my side to arrange all that stuff for our up coming conference for the Education Department next month here in Melbourne!
    Donna :) :)

  5. Tom, I told them all about your pictures of spattered paint on the ceiling, floor, etc. (And that I would probably not be as brave as you and paint outside!)

    Meeting up would be a blast! Maybe someday.

  6. Deborah and Donna, I usually forgo the PowerPoint. It was necessary this time, but I'm a much more "go with the flow" guy when leading a conference. Maybe PowerPoint could make me more disciplined? (Nah.)