Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stealing from the Best

Someone once told me that there are no new ideas. That is especially true for me. People often say to me, "You are so creative." I just borrow ideas from others (with maybe a little of my own spin) to find new things for my class.

Here are some ideas that I have marked for stealing. One day these ideas will find their way into my class. (I've listed where the idea is from and provided links so my favorite bloggers won't get too upset with my stealing - hopefully!)

Q-Tip Art from Preschool Daze - we've painted with cotton swabs, but never taped them down to use as art.

Painting with corks and ping pong balls from Teacher Tom - note the edge on the table so things won't blow off

Stick Puppet Stage from Excellence in Early Childhood Education - I love the pockets to hold the puppets

Sorting items in a photo collage frame from Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning - I'm always looking for ways to reuse and repurpose items and this was a great new idea for me.

Napkin rings for lacing and stringing from No Time for Flash Cards - another great repurpose idea

Homemade dry erase boards from Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi - using discarded white binders as wipe-off boards - a great reuse idea

Construction site from Mom Tried It - inexpensive and creative (and, yes, more repurposing)

Child-painted buildings for blocks center from Let the Children Play - making them is one activity and using them is another one!

Rain gutters for ramps by Not Just Cute - one that I know my kids would love

Each of these blogs would be a great resource for a teacher. I'm glad I can "steal from the best" to create new learning experiences for my kids. If I don't need to go into hiding from the ECE police!


  1. It's not stealing, Scott, if you give links! (I'm "inspired" by the the same sites, including this one right here.)

  2. Scott, smart idea. I may have to write a post or two like this to remind myself where to find the great ideas I want to try. I bought rain gutters today, and have plans for several of the ideas you mentioned, too. I somehow missed the construction site ~I'm going there now! :)

  3. I'm going to have to hunt down all these ideas Scott - they are beauties. And do you realise that the building blocks were actually an idea I 'stole' from irresistible learning ideas so you are 'stealing' from a blog that 'stole' from a blog :) Ah, what a complicated little blogging life we lead!

  4. You are going to be busy getting all this done!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing, Scott!

  6. Thanks for the shout out... you know the funny thing is, that whole incident sprang out of necessity. Twenty kids walking outside with major puddles and that is what sprang into my head. :)

  7. oh, i love that you posted these. i have a huge folder of "borrowed" ideas as well.

    it is how we learn best, eh?

  8. I have bookmarked quite a few of these same links!

  9. Links are always nice. I am not sure there is anything completely new out there.
    But what's old shall be new and inspiring again...

  10. Scott, without each others support where would we all be? ... Mentally exhausted I imagine ... You are welcome to beg, borrow or steal from us any time you like. :) :)