Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was a fun day. I had prepared several activities to guide the children to think about Easter and to learn (or reinforce) that Jesus is alive. Children engaged in almost all the activities - nothing was a stand-out favorite.

Most enjoyed examining flowers with the magnifying glasses and measuring tape. A couple liked drawing happy people on the people shapes. Some used the letter stencils and the magnet letters. A couple of boys just sat with (climbed on) me and talked. But everyone had fun making choices, doing, and learning.

But the high point for me was group time. We recalled the Triumphal Entry story. Then I led into the fact that Jesus had died on a cross and was buried. The children listened quietly as I told the resurrection story. Then we talked. We talked about the tomb and that it was empty. We talked about the fact that Mary was surprised and happy when she saw Jesus alive.

But the best part was next. I read the Bible verse: Jesus is alive! We said it together. We said it loud and said it soft. Then we divided into two groups. One group said: "Jesus." The other group said: "is". Everyone said: "alive!" We repeated this a couple of times and switched words among the groups. I felt chills when the group said it all together. What a celebration! To hear 6-year-old voices shouting that Jesus is alive. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Easter.

Yes, we had fun. Yes, we learned about Jesus. But I know that the children left with the key thought in their heads. Jesus is alive! That thought echoes in my head even now.

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