Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 Unusual Objects for Your Preschool/Kindergarten Class

Lazy Susan - As mentioned in a previous post, you can use a lazy susan to make a spinner. Attach numbers, colors, letters, pictures, or whatever you want on the spinner to the top of the lazy susan. Set an arrow next to the lazy susan and spin. Or place an arrow on the lazy susan and the items to be selected around it and spin.

Oil Drip Pan - Use an oil drip pan as a large magnet board. 

Prop it up against a table or wall. Lay magnet letters or shapes nearby and allow the children to create. Or add magnet clips and attach pictures to make a portable bulletin board.

Garlic Press - Add a garlic press to your stash of play dough tools. Children will love making long strings of spaghetti.

Plastic Relish Tray/Divided Tray - Place various kinds of paper and other materials in each compartment and you have a collage tray. You can also use it as an art center by placing markers, scissors, glue sticks, and crayons in the compartments. Use the tray for sorting various nature items or other small items. (A muffin tin also works well for this.)

Plastic Stand-up Frame - Tape pictures or verses to the front of frame or insert in the frame and stand in any area of your room. You can also display children's artwork or signs in the frame. (Use a plastic countertop brochure holder instead.)

Lazy Susan and Oil Drip Pan by R. Scott Wiley
Garlic Press, Divided Tray, and Frame from Amazon.com

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