Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Practicing What They Learn

This is an ark that the children built Sunday. 

This month we started a new schedule. We have activities for about 25 minutes or so; then group time for 20 minutes or so; and then repeat a few activities for the last 10-15 minutes (until parents arrive). We make this change to begin the transition from kindergarten schedule to first grade schedule. (Then in August when the children move, the change won't be too drastic.) 

In a couple of months we will adjust again to match closer to what the first graders do - a couple of intro activities; a longer group time; and a few activities to apply at the end.

This week I was reminded of a "perk" of having group time and then activities afterward. Children hear the story and application and then get to put them into practice. We had the story of Noah and talked about God's care for Noah and for us. As we ended group time, I told the children what they could choose to do. One activity was building with blocks and using animal figures. I said that they could build an ark (or something else if they choose). A group built the ark above.

My suggestion stimulated their thinking and their work allowed me to reinforce the teaching. A successful experience all around. We talked about concepts and the Bible story; children then had an opportunity to practice and explore what they heard and learned.

Now I'm thinking about how I can stimulate their thinking when they arrive and throughout the session - leading them to hear, explore, practice, and live out what they are learning. If I can help them begin to live out what they are learning, it will become a part of their foundation for life. How do you help boys and girls practice and live out Bible truths?

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