Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ball and Tunnel Game

This summer I taught in our church's Vacation Bible School, a week of mornings full of fun and learning. The leader of our 4-year-old class made this great game.

ball and tunnel DIY game (Brick by Brick)

The kids really liked it - and I did, too. I now have it in my church classroom.

It's easy to make and repurposes items (my favorite thing!).

homemade tunnel game for preschoolers (Brick by Brick)

You need a wide gift wrap tube, wide clear packing tape, and a deep container. The container he used it a plastic bin. But you could use a deep box or other container.

Cut the tube into short lengths. Tape the pieces in various places around the bin. Leave plenty of space between the tube pieces. Use a roll of tape under the tube to attach it to the bin. Then use a long piece of tape over the tube and onto the bin on both sides. The tube pieces should be secure. Place only 2-3 pieces in the bin.

cardboard tubes and table tennis balls (Brick by Brick)

Add a couple of table tennis balls to play the game. The original idea was for two kids to stand on either end of the bin and tilt it around to make the balls roll through the tubes--working together. However, our fours enjoyed playing the game independently. Some even enjoyed placing the bin on the floor and rolling the balls around with their hands.

You could add other balls or obstacles to the game to make it more challenging or interesting.

A fun diverse game for not much investment. My kind of resource!