Monday, February 13, 2012

Wood Odds and Ends in Blocks Center

I love blocks. I love looking at catalogs and Web sites to find new construction toys. I love looking at the different kinds of blocks and dreaming of owning all those fun things to build with.

A while back, I wanted to get some new shapes for blocks. But instead of buying things at the toy store or from a catalog, I went to the craft store and looked in the woodworking section. I found some interesting shapes and items to use for building.

Since that time, other wood pieces have found their way into my "extras" box. This week we used those wood extras with our blocks.

The guys built with the regular blocks and added a few items to their structure.

Then they began to experiment with the wood pieces in different ways.

Fireworks shooters



Our blocks bin got included in some of the building.

Diving board

And we even got in a little counting.

One of my favorite things to do is repurpose things for my classroom. Repurposing these wood pieces has given us some great opportunities to build and explore.