Thursday, February 2, 2012

No "Art" But Lots of Creativity

This week I put paper triangles, paper strips, glue sticks, and markers on the art table. (I planned for kids to make flags with names of family members on the strip.)

The table lay neglected. But while that table was unoccupied, this was going on elsewhere in the room.

In the past I've had parents concerned that the child "didn't do anything" since he didn't bring anything home. (I don't have any parents like that this year.) But creativity and learning happens throughout the room - in lots of different ways. And most of those ways don't end in a product that a child can take home. 

Eventually a child did go to the table. But she glued two triangles back to back, printed her name, and was done.

They may not go home with much in their hands but, hopefully, they'll go home with lots in their heads and hearts.