Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Paint Together!

I often look for ways kids can create together. We've done murals and group collages, all adding bits and pieces to an overall piece. But one of our favorite things to do together is paint.

Painting together creates community. Kids expand individual thinking by building on one another's thinking.

Techniques are shared and expanded. Kids explore cause and effect.

Process triumphs over products - because so many are involved, the end-result changes and evolves and ultimately ends up in an experiment in color-mixing.

But my favorite part of community painting is that it stays in the room. The wonderful creation doesn't go home. For a while, it will live in the classroom, inspiring us with its swirls and colors.

But then it can become part of other things we do. Pieces of our community painting become part of our collage materials.

Kids can use those pieces to explore and create.

We love painting! Today I'm linking up with other blogs on PreK + K Sharing to talk about painting.

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