Monday, December 5, 2011

Draw How It Sounds

Have you ever had an experience in the classroom that makes you want to shout "Yes!"? That happened to me this week.

After reflecting on Teacher Tom's post about still life for all the senses, I thought we would try drawing sounds. I put out several rhythm instruments, markers, and paper.

When kids came to the table and began to explore, we mentioned that they could draw how the instruments sound. Some created sounds. Some drew what the instruments looked like.

I walked up to the table where J was working. I said, "You may also want to draw how the egg shaker sounds." He had a thoughtful look on his face. He shook the egg shaker gently and then began to gently tap his marker, making tiny dots.

I did almost shout. I was so excited. "Are you drawing how it sounds?" I asked, working to keep my voice even. He nodded and circled the small dots.

Whatever J's choice, I would have been satisfied. After all, it is his drawing...his expression. But I was excited because I saw him consider something he hadn't thought about before.

J playing an egg shaker...with the sound it makes.
(The orange circle represents the sound.)

We'll definitely explore drawing other senses in the future. Thanks for making me consider something I hadn't thought about before, Teacher Tom!