Friday, November 11, 2011

More Math Play

Yesterday I posted about the math mats we used. Kids can discover all kinds of math concepts through play. Here are a few recent posts about math play.

Sorting Pumpkin Seeds (Teach Preschool) - Deborah's kids explored pumpkin seeds in a variety of ways. They sorted colored seeds - I like the idea of coloring the seeds.

Measuring Play Dough Inchworms (Teach Preschool) - Deborah made some homemade rulers for her kids to use. The homemade rulers are new to me but I like how flat they are so the inchworms lay easily on top of them.

Sorting Fun (Nurture Store) - Kids can sort all kinds of things I like the collection of objects that Christie used for sorting. The shadow box sorting box is a cool idea, too.

Making Maths Sticks (I'm a Teacher, Get me Outside Here) - Juliet is creating quite a collection of measuring sticks. I think I need to go searching among the trees near my house now.

Here are a couple of favorite math posts from Brick by Brick--

Our Math Routine - Exploring math in different ways - sorting, grouping, measuring, counting, writing numbers.

How Many Blocks Long? - Using nontraditional measurement to discover our friends' height/length.

Rocks and a Scale - Weighing and recording our observations