Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Places for Thought and Inspiration

I think I'm becoming a blog junkie. I love to read what teachers are doing in their classrooms...and what moms and dads are doing with their kids. I love reading about innovations or new ideas or musings about what could become innovations or new ideas.

The blogs listed in the right column are my old favorites, the blogs that I return to again and again for inspiration. But lately I've found myself following a few other blogs. These four blogs have become regular places to visit.

Spencer's Scratch Pad - John is a middle school teacher who muses on a variety of education topics. And he draws pictures, too. He stimulates my thinking and challenges my assumptions, as a citizen, a supporter of public education, and an educator. His post about the Most Dangerous Show on TV made me think. (I am reading John's book, Teaching Unmasked, right now. I haven't been able to devote a lot of time to it, but it has also stimulated my thinking. I'm sure you'll see a post or two in the future about this book.)

Made by Joel - Joel is a dad who makes great stuff for his kids. Some use repurposed or recycled items. Many are doable, even for someone like me who can be dangerous with power tools! The marble run and the aquarium were the two things that caused me to begin to read Joel's blog regularly. But I love all of his stuff.

No Time for Flash Cards - Allison (with her contributors) posts fun, easy, engaging ideas for kids to do; her activities related to a variety of topics. I'm always interested to see what her household is doing each day - and the lists of books, videos of songs, and other extras keep me coming back. I especially enjoyed the Fine Art Activities that ran recently.

Frugal Family Fun - Valerie shares her family's adventures in arts and crafts, cooking, traveling, playing, and living. Her Solar-Powered Lunch was almost magical to me. She is the queen of repurposing and recycling materials for art or just fun.

I'm always interested in reading and learning more. What blogs have you discovered lately?

Photo from
Photographer: John Biehler