Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

For Mother's Day, we were going to make fancy cards. I went into a local craft store and struck it lucky. I found glittered foam stickers on sale. And self-adhesive gems, too. I bought a lot! Then I found some great butterfly shapes and decided we would make fancy butterfly magnets for moms. 

The kids really enjoyed working with these "new" materials. The butterflies were very fancy and gilttery.

And I received additional confirmation that I am NOT a prophet. I wondered if the activity would be too "girly" for the boys to enjoy. It was for Mom, so girly is expected. But I did wonder if they would just do something quickly and move on to other things. Especially since my boys usually don't spend a lot of time in the art center.

But the boys--the ones that were there--spent the most time with the activity. They were very particular in how they used the materials, placing each item in just the right place. The boys used most of the gems. Such concentration and effort. 

Such wonderful results.

And, of course, it was for MOM! 

(I'm going to quit trying to predict anything.)