Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Let's Learn Together

I love to learn new stuff. Going to conferences...reading books...talking with other teachers...watching videos...listening to podcasts. These are all ways I learn and probably you, too.

I'm excited about a week-long opportunity to learn. The second Soar to Success Summit is July 15-19. It's online learning with people who know about teaching young kids. Full disclosure: I'm on the list this year! It was great fun making the video and talking about teaching kids. Here's a clip.

What I like best about these videos are the hands-on, practical stuff. I love to learn all kinds of things but the best things are the ones that I can put into practice in the classroom immediately.

Use this summit to brush up on skills, get new ideas, or take a running start at the new year.

And, in celebration of the summit--and because I missed it, too--I'm going to resume posting here on a weekly (or so) basis. First up are posts with recycle, repurpose, and reuse ideas for teaching.

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