Monday, October 23, 2017

Negative Space Collages

Negative Space Collages (Brick by Brick)

This activity is one we did in Vacation Bible School. The theme was a space theme so our exploration was similarly themed. But the "space" in this title doesn't refer to that theme but the space in the paper.

We cut moon shaped holes in paper. This space should be shaped in whatever way you choose. It could reflect another theme or just be a random shape...even just a wavy hole. Cut clear contact plastic to the appropriate size and cover the hole. 

Negative Space Collages (Brick by Brick)

Provide paper shapes for the children to place on the sticky paper. We had stars--some were cut from sparkly paper and some from just plain white paper. Children arranged stars as they chose in the opening on the paper.

Our children enjoyed exploring this different type of collage. Some covered the space fully while others arranged a few stars and were satisfied with the work.

Negative Space Collages (Brick by Brick)

When a child completed his collage, we placed another piece of clear sticky paper over the opening, sealing in the stars and covering all sticky areas.

We cut our shapes with scissors, freehand. But using a die cut machine or other cutter would speed up the preparation.

Negative Space Collages (Brick by Brick)

Try this different type of collage, mixing up the hole shapes and the paper that is used to fill it in.

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