Monday, September 18, 2017

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - Making Me Think This Week

I always get inspiration from the blogs, tweets, and posts I read. Here are a few things I read in the past week (or so) that have me thinking.

How to Get Kids to Clean Up (Pre-K Pages)
I work with Vanessa, helping out on her blog. On of the perks is watching some of her videos for posts. (She hosts live videos each week on her Facebook page. Check out the great topics there.) What I like about this video/post is that most of the tips focus on preparing the environment so kids are successful in cleaning up. I'm thinking about what other ways I can make the environment more successful for the kids in my classroom.

Valuing and Enjoying the Process of Learning (Studentcentricity - BAM Radio Network)
Speaking of an environment that makes kids successful....listen to this podcast with Rae Pica and Amanda Morgan (of Not Just Cute). The discussion focuses on process over product - and not just for art activities but for the entire classroom. Great stuff! (And lots of thinking!)

The Tragedy of Emotionally Abandoned Children (EdWords - BAM Radio Network)
This post by Debra Pierce discusses the effects on children of living in a neglectful home. A lot to think about here - and to wonder and worry how children can cope with these types of internal monologue. But, as Debra points out, we as teacher can give hope and perspective by the way we interact with them. You may never know the impact of your kind words and loving attention.

The Rules of Counting (Erikson Early Math Collaborative)
I love math play and encouraging children to play with math concepts and build ideas through exploration. This article helped me think about the "rules" that young children need to learn and can begin to learn about counting. And challenged me to think of ways I can encourage counting play in my classroom.

Bundled Q-Tip Fall Tree Painting (Pinterested Parent)
No inspiration post would be complete without at least one activity! When I saw this post - using bundled cotton swabs to paint - I began to think of all the different types of painting experiences I could encourage: use yellow/white paint on black paper for a starry sky; use green shades of paint to make grass or hills or mountains (or, yes, trees); cut shapes to lay on paper and paint around the shapes to create negative space pictures; and so forth. A cool new painting idea (at least new to me!).

And one more thing I saw...this book by Rae Pica!
Active Learning Across the Curriculum: Teaching the Way They Learn!
I haven't gotten it yet, but it's on my list to get soon.

What inspired you this week?


  1. Want to thank you for being such a strong supporter of my work, Scott! It means a lot to me, especially since I have so much respect for your teaching!