Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Inspiration from the Blogosphere: Space Edition

Recently I have been leading training sessions for Vacation Bible School around Tennessee. The VBS theme for my training is a space theme. (You can learn more about that VBS curriculum here.)

One favorite activity in our training - and an activity in the kindergarten resources - has been the shooting star. Fill a baby sock with rice (not too full). I'd recommend using a funnel for this; I didn't and I made a small mess. Wrap a rubber band around the sock to keep the rice inside. Tie long lengths of curling ribbon to the sock. Now you have a shooting star (or comet) beanbag. They are fun to toss and fun to see flying through the air! The adults I taught enjoyed them and I'm sure my kindergartners will, too. (I'll let you know.)

So, since I'm in a space mood, I thought I'd share some favorite links related to a space theme. Here are some great ideas from around the blogosphere. 3-2-1. Take off!

Star Gazing Discovery Bottle (Pre-K Pages)
I always enjoy a good discovery bottle, tipping the bottles and seeing things move inside. And this star discovery bottle is beautiful, with the black background and gold stars. (And I don't mind the glitter since it is inside and not outside!)

Paint a Night Sky (Munchkins and Moms)
More glitter inside black paint. But the results look really great. And it's a great art exploration...with the child deciding how to paint and when the painting is done.

Glowing Glaxy Water Bin (Fun-a-Day)
Kids and water bins just seem to be a natural fit. This one - with glow sticks and marbles - seems like a really fun variation.

Counting Down Stars (JDaniel4's Mom)
I see this game could be played in lots of different ways. And, of course, tossing is involved so kids will enjoy it. (And maybe you could use your great new shooting stars!)

Galaxy Slime (Twodaloo)
Make two different colors of slime, twist them together, and you have galaxy slime. I can see kids playing with this for a long time.

Paper Bag Star (LifeWay VBS)
Click on the link above for directions in making a 3-D star with seven paper bags, a glue stick, and scissors. It's so easy that I did it correctly on the first try! (Results are very impressive.)

Check out this VBS Pinterest Board for more space ideas.

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