Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pumpkin Inspiration and Activities

It's fall and I see pumpkins everywhere. Well, not so much in my neighborhood but all over the blogs. Pumpkins make great teaching tools. Here are a few ideas I've seen recently that look fun and will encourage exploration.

drawing pumpkins (Brick by Brick)

How Does Your Pumpkin Measure Up? (Pre-K Pages)
Measure pumpkins in several different ways. This is a great math/science exploration and could lead to even more exploration with pumpkins.

Pumpkin Water Play (Educators' Spin On It)
My kids love using water. Adding pumpkins and other fall-related items could add some fun seasonal play.

Shake It Up! Pumpkin Painting (Sunny Day Family)
We love to paint - with anything and on just about anything. Painting on pumpkins is a fun activity but this one is no mess. I don't mind mess but I like the way these turned out!

Pumpkin Car Tunnel (Little Bins for Little Hands)
Okay, this is just cool. I love it! If we get a pumpkin in our room, I want to do this. Driving a car through a pumpkin just seems like something my kids would enjoy.

Pumpkin Seed Play Dough (Teach Preschool)
I like using the seeds with play dough. Just seems like all kinds of possibilities for exploration and creating.

Still Life Painting (Brick by Brick)
We're experimented with still life painting and drawing with pumpkins. It's interesting to introduce new ideas for painting with kids.

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