Friday, April 29, 2016

Using Our Homemade Light Box Again

Do you have things that you have made or used and then, for some reason, don't bring back for a while? A few years ago I made a homemade light box. And since that time, it's just sat in my garage with my other clutter of supplies and resources. I haven't had a particular reason for not using it again. It just didn't come to mind or seem to be right at any particular time.

Maybe I was still waiting to refine it. Maybe I just forgot about it for a while. Well...whatever the reason, it's just not been used.

A couple of weeks ago, it came back to my mind as we were planning things to do. We pulled it out, washed it off, replaced the batteries in the camp light, and put it out again. I added our floral marbles and some foam letters.

I printed some words on cards, key words/names from the story. These were at the side, waiting for use if the children chose to use them. The children didn't choose to do that.

Instead they chose to experiment with the gems.

And make names. Their names.

This wasn't the most revolutionary activity. But it pulled in a group of girls to work together for a while.

It pulled in one boy to work and work and work. He spelled his name. His first name. And then his whole name.

This experience reminded me that a great activity does not need to be something new I buy or make. It may be something I already have. I'm going to go "shopping" among my resources more often. Remind myself what I have and what could be used again.

This light box may not be one of my favorite things yet. It may still need some reworking to make it just like I would like it. But I will definitely bring it back and try some different things on it.

And not wait years to use it again.

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