Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Making Waves

I love it when I see my kids' thinking. Well, I usually don't see it. I hear them talk about it.

This week I had the boats out in the blocks center. I had put out some blue fabric for a "lake." But, of course, my kids could choose how to use these materials.

One boy build a solid deck of blocks. He put boats on these blocks and moved them around for a while. Then I overheard him say something about his "river." Ah, I thought, he built a river for the boats.

wooden blocks and boats (Brick by Brick)

Then he begin to arrange some semicircular blocks. "I need some waves," he said - really to no one, just talking to himself about what he was doing.

After the waves were in place, a boat had to ride it. Of course.

wooden blocks and boats (Brick by Brick)

A wooden block river with semicircular waves. An idea I would have never considered myself. But I'm glad I could see it in action!

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