Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Figuring Them Out

I've been with my new group of kids in my church kindergarten class for several months now. When encountering a new group of kids, I try to watch and learn about them. I want to know what they enjoy doing, what they like and don't like, how they interact. This group has been harder to figure out.

I had a group that loved blocks. We did all kinds of things in the blocks center. This group likes blocks but will ignore them, too, on occasion.

Car boat (Brick by Brick)
Car boat

I had a group that loved dramatic play. They wanted to do all kinds of things and would use their imaginations in lots of ways. This group likes dramatic play. But sometimes that center will remain empty.

Feeding the baby (Brick by Brick)
Feeding the baby

I've had kids that love art. They want to create elaborate things from different materials. This group enjoys painting and drawing and creating. But at times they don't want to do it.

Glue and sticker collage (Brick by Brick)

So what have I discovered about this group? They always surprise me.

building on window sill (Brick by Brick)
Floor to window building

decorating the Christmas tree (Brick by Brick)
Chenille stem Christmas Tree

They enjoy trying new things, but usually aren't interested in doing it another week.

Writing on dry erase board (Brick by Brick)
Independent writing

Card tower (Brick by Brick)
Building with matching cards

They like interacting with the adults. They will talk to me for a long time. They will come and join an activity if I'm sitting there for a while.

Water play (Brick by Brick)
Rain water play

caring for doll (Brick by Brick)
Take a picture of my baby!

They are interested in their own ideas. They will explore and try out what they want to do (and not really care what I planned for them to do). By the way, I love this about them!

fork painting (Brick by Brick)
Fork painting - a beach

cloth in blocks center (Brick by Brick)
fabric in the blocks center

Across the room board game (Brick by Brick)
Can we build the game on the floor?

painting with oil (Brick by Brick)
Painting with oil - three at one time

They are curious and funny and energetic and loud and active.

blocks and rocks (Brick by Brick)
It's Angry Birds!

Writing in dramatic play (Brick by Brick)
Restaurant Words - taking an order

Chenille stems and beads (Brick by Brick)
Making an ornament with beads and chenille stems

They are 5 years old. They like to play and learn.

And I'm learning, too.

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