Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5 Ways to Use Salt

This post begins a periodic series on Brick by Brick - 5 Ways to Use. These posts will examine 5 different ways to use an item. Sometimes I will have links from Brick by Brick; other times I'll point you to other great early childhood resources.

This time we will examine 5 ways to use salt in the classroom (and get inspiration from around the blogosphere!).

  • In the Playroom creates Colored Salt Christmas Trees. I like this way to create trees. It isn't permanent and the colored salt can be reused over and over (or used for something else).
  • Artsy Mama uses salt to create salt paintings. Create designs with glue, sprinkle salt over the design, and drip watercolors or colored water on the salt to color it. We are going to do this soon!
  • Preschool Spot offers a "sweet" spin on the salt tray with their Candy Cane Salt Writing activity. Red scented salt combined with white salt or snow confetti makes a great medium for writing numbers, letters, or designs.
  • Tinkerlab has a recipe for salt dough and how to create ornaments with the dough. You can find lots of variations on salt dough ornaments out there in the blogosphere. But I like the simple shapes of these. And part 2 includes decorating the ornaments.
  • Happy Hooligans froze hand shapes and then used salt to melt the ice. This is a fun and simple science experiment for preschoolers.
What fun ways have you used salt in your classroom activities? Include ideas or links below.

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