Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Practicing Care

This year's group of kids seems to love playing with the baby dolls. If we just have the basics or more elaborate play, they just love it.

care for the baby doll (Brick by Brick)

Every year kids enjoy the dolls. They are some of our favorite things.

But this group is really enjoying using the dolls. If we have only 1 or 2 out, they will ask for all of them.

care for the baby doll (Brick by Brick)

As I watch my kids use and play with the dolls, I notice that they are practicing being caring. They carefully wrap them in blankets. They carry them close from place to place. They feed them and change the clothes to something more "suitable" (as defined by the current parent).

care for the baby doll (Brick by Brick)

Practicing ways to care for someone else is important. Dolls don't care if you drop them on the floor or hit their heads on the wall. Dolls don't care if you forget about them for a little while so you can paint a picture or play a game.

But kids can show concern for the dolls. They can think about needs and ways to meet them. They can begin to think beyond themselves.

care for the baby doll (Brick by Brick)

Dolls may not be "real" but the skills they develop certainly are.

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