Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Organized or Mixed Up?

I'm not a very organized person. Well, let's face it; I'm a mess. I have lots of stuff and sometimes I'm in a hurry so things get piled and tossed and then I lose more time trying to find that one thing I know is in a pile.

I try to keep all my teaching stuff in some semblance of order but since my sickness appears regularly, things occasionally get out of hand and I pile up all kinds of materials.

One thing that I've been able to keep relatively organized and separated are some of our collage materials. Of course, I do have bags of mixed materials; you never know how those juxtapositions of colors and textures can trigger creativity. But we needed separate colors for a particular activity at one time and I've keep some bags of materials separated by color.

heart rainbow collage (Brick by Brick)

As I watched kids use these materials recently, I thought about the issue of presentation and invitation - how we display or offer materials can change how kids use them. I watched kids purposefully choose colors or switch to different colors. I saw kids find "glittery" paper in one color and actively search for similar paper in another color.

heart rainbow collage (Brick by Brick)

The creations became more purposeful. Kids were not just finding whatever they could in a mixed bowl of miscellany. They were choosing to use purple or blue or yellow. The organization and presentation gave the kids more control, more choice, and more possibilities.

I don't think my naturally chaotic tendencies will change. I've been this way for a long time. But as I see kids interact with materials, as I see their differing play when offered different presentations, as I learn more about the group I have now and my best ways to be their teacher - I will try to be more organized.

Or at least more purposeful in when things are presented in a more orderly way and when in a more relaxed way. After all, my actions will impact their play.

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