Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Adaptable Board Game

Recently I posted on Pre-K and K Sharing blog - about a homemade board game made of materials from the office supply store. It's a trail game played like Candyland (moving through the board by colors). Details of making the game can be see on that post.

DIY Board Game (Brick by Brick)

One thing I really like about this game is that it is easily adaptable to any type of content. Kids can just play it with the color cards and develop social skills and color recognition skills.

DIY Board Game (Brick by Brick)

In the original post, I also showed using the color words or sight words and vocabulary words to play the game.

DIY Board Game word cards (Brick by Brick)

Then I went to volunteer in a kindergarten class. We played a letter game, letters written on spaces of a gameboard. I immediately thought of my game. We could use cards with letters to increase letter identification (and make sounds to reinforce phonics, too).

DIY Board Game letter cards (Brick by Brick)

Kids can also practice numeral recognition, with numerals on the cards.

DIY Board Game number cards (Brick by Brick)

They can practice counting and subitizing. (Subitizing is recognizing a quantity of items or dots without counting.)

DIY Board Game number cards (Brick by Brick)

You could also practice addition facts or other math facts by putting them on the cards. Or write questions about any content or story.

My favorite resource to make or use is one that can be adapted to lots of different uses. This one is great!

DIY Board Game  (Brick by Brick)

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