Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Play Dough Inspiration from the Blogosphere

I've posted about play dough on PreK and K Sharing blog.

So I've been thinking a lot about play dough. I remember my mom making play dough. And years later, when I made my own play dough for the first time, those memories came flooding back.

Play dough is so versatile and can generate lots of learning opportunities. Here are some ideas from around the blogosphere related to play dough.

Dr. Jean, on her great blog, recently had a whole series on using play dough in the classroom--

Here are some other recipes for play dough--


  1. You're baaaack Scott :) YEA! Thanks for sharing the Play Dough Center from Pre-K Pages. I love Dr. Jean's blog too!

  2. Just found you Scott - I too have a passion for dough! Nice post thank you. Will be calling back. Alistair (ABC Does)