Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thoughts from the Snow Dome

I know that many of you have seen more snow that you really want to encounter. Here in Nashville...not so much. We've had lots of cold, but no snow. (Thanks, SnowDome.)

A few times in the past week, I have hoped for (begged for) enough of a snowfall for a snow day. I would be disappointed each morning of a predicted storm when schools all around us were closed...and I was headed to school.

More recently, after my more positive attitude, I haven't passionately wished for a snow day. But I've thought that an extra day to sleep in would be nice. And yet the #SnowDome continues.

One night, looking out at the cold snowless yard, a thought slowly emerged from the back of my head. (Maybe someone put it there.) "Some kids need a school day more than a snow day."

I pondered on that for while then and on the drive to school the next day. Some of my kids experience a lot of things outside of school. On snow days those kids must stay in those circumstances.

They may see a book or have much of a conversation with anyone. They may have a lunch (and breakfast) that is less adequate. They may be responsible for meeting their own needs...or the needs of younger siblings.

A school day is a better circumstance than a day out.

I still wouldn't mind an extra day to sleep in. But I certainly think about those days differently. And don't wish for them so hard.

I know that I read another blogger's post with a similar idea. I thought it was John Spencer but I cannot find the original post. I like to give credit to other ideas. Contact me if you know who said this and I'll add a link.

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