Thursday, November 28, 2013


This week I asked my reading class to write things they were thankful for. (I also asked them to draw a picture to go with their thankful things. They chose to draw hand turkeys - I didn't suggest it.)

Their lists included family members and houses, food and friends. I even made a couple of lists!

As each child read his list to me, I was reminded of how thankful and blessed I am. Here's what I wrote last Thanksgiving...and it's still true, maybe more so. (It's been edited a little to fit my new circumstances.)

It's Thanksgiving. I am such a blessed man.

I have a wonderful wife. She is in every way just what I need. She listens to my rants and complaints. She encourages. She gives me a swift kick when I need. She talks me down off the metaphorical ledge. She celebrates with me...even when I'm sure she's not sure why we are celebrating things like a day with quieter voices in the classroom. She challenges me to think about things in a new way and listens when I ramble on about my own thoughts. She is wonderful. I love her. I am blessed.

I am in just the place I need to be. I love my job. And sometimes I'm not sure about my job. It challenges me. It rewards me. It frustrates me. It grows me. It affirms me. It blesses me. I cannot think of a higher calling than teaching kids. I'm still learning all I need to know to be a good second grade teacher. But I know I'm in the right place. The staff at my school is great. They've been helpful and encouraging, ready to listen and suggest. I am grateful for my new friends! I am blessed.

I have a warm house, a working car (actually 2), more than enough food. I have everything I need and so much more. Seeing families in my school each week...I am reminded me that I have so much. Not just material things, though I certainly have a lot of that. But the emotional support of family and friends. The security of a regular paycheck. I've often been reminded that the "problems" and "anxieties" I have are so small. I am blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you get to spend the day with someone you love. I hope you get to reflect and thank God for all you have, however much it is. I am thankful. I am blessed.

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