Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I'm getting settled in my new school. When I came to the school, I was concerned about meeting the other teachers and making a good impression. I'm still a new teacher and want others to see me as competent and effective.

I think I've fit in okay in the new school. I feel comfortable with my fellow teachers and they've really helped me get into the flow of things.

The other day my instructional coach and another teacher were helping me rearrange my classroom. (Long story) Another teacher stopped at the door to chat with them for a minute. The coach, who had been observing in my classroom that morning, commented that we were making more space. "He has them dancing," she said. The other teacher commented, "I've heard that."

Those words echoed across the space and into my head. Oh, great. My reputation in my new school is DANCING. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Wait, I was. I was a little worried. I'm the "dancing teacher"? Hmm. Then I had to reflect on it as I drove home that afternoon. (You know me; I gotta reflect.)

I decided that being the "dancing teacher" is okay. It's for the kids. We energize our brains after working hard. We do it for only a few minutes. And not every day. And if we did, so what?

I definitely do some things in different ways. Coming from a preschool/early childhood background, I certainly look for ways to keep students engaged and moving. So "dancing teacher" sums up some of my philosophy.

Keep dancing! We will.


  1. I think it is a very honorable title, much better than the "worksheet teacher" - I would be proud to be known as the "dancing teacher" Keep on dancing!!

  2. Yes....I, too get my K-kids up and dancing or singing to engage their little bodies after thinking and working so hard. Kindergarten has changed so much in the last 40 years...yes, this is my 40th year of teaching kindergarten and WOW...how things have changed!! I find they (whoever they is) have taken a lot of the fun and "dance" out of teaching....so....dance away!!!

  3. I love your stories. Please don't stop dancing!!!