Monday, May 27, 2013

Listen: Fueling the Conversation

My word for this year is LISTEN. I'm working on listening and responding as I teach and learn.

When I chose to listen this year, I also made a commitment to act. If I listen and don't act on what I hear, then why should I listen in the first place. 

This year has been a time of listening and learning. This past month, I've been getting one clear message - I need to take a rest. I need to take more time for listening. So, I'm going to pull back from my blog for the next few weeks. I're saying that I haven't really been posting much anyway. And that's true. That's part of what is showing me that I need to take a little break. My blog is still on my mind and I feel a little like I'm failing. Taking some time away isn't failing. It's just life.

I am taking some time to read and refuel. Time to reflect about this past year and make plans for the new one. (Yes, I'm in first again next year! It's official!) So...I'll be reading, reflecting, and resting. I'm going to take some time to listen a lot in June. When I come back, I'll have lots to share.

Just so you won't totally forget me - I will schedule some posts for the next few weeks. But I'll be out of the conversation for a little while.

Teaser: When I'm back in July, I'll be a part of a summer tradition. More on that soon.

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