Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Word Wall Is Blooming

Do you ever try something on a whim...and it works out pretty well? That happens to me a lot. Sometimes I have a need but little time to research or work on it so I just "throw something together" as a filler. And it works!

I wanted to have a word wall activity for center time. Of course, it was a last minute substitution for something else. They love to read the word wall and they love to use the pointers, so pointers went into the center tub.

But...I thought...something else was needed. Sticky notes that we had just used for graphing were lying nearby. So I put them in the tub with a few markers.

I told kids they could use the pointers to read the word wall. They could copy words onto the notes and place on the wall. And they could add other words they knew to the word wall.

I didn't expect a lot of enthusiasm. I was wrong. After a couple of days, the wall had blossomed.

They copied words from the wall. They added some other words. They invented a few words, too.

I see insights into their thinking and their understanding of words and sounds. Something reasonably simple has reinforced learning and thinking about language and reading.

Of course, I also get a few surprises as I look at the wall.

It's spring and my word wall is in full bloom.