Friday, March 29, 2013

Inspiration from the Blogosphere: Literacy

Each week I read lots of blogs and get lots of inspiration. Here are a few things inspiring me this week.

Journals--I'm look for ways to adjust/improve our journaling in the classroom. I like the idea of interactive notebooks that Matt Gomez blogged about. His follow-up post about math in the interactive notebooks was also thought-provoking. I also liked this post about interactive journals on Literacy & Math Ideas.

Centers--I'm always looking for center ideas. This week I saw these iPad Literacy Stations on Mrs. Wideen's blog (and I'm always looking for a way to use Legos!). This post from Elementary Matters has ideas about managing centers.

Rubric--We've been working on a writing rubric for our first grade classes, a child-friendly one. Kindertaining Kindergarten posted a writing rubric for her kindergartners.

And I loved this post on PreK & K Sharing about using the hallway - but all the ideas are great for the classroom, too.


  1. Thanks for putting all these links into one blog post! Hope all's well with you Scott and have a lovely time over Easter.

  2. Thanks, Juliet. Hope you have a great Easter, too.