Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Painting with Something Besides Paint

Recently we painted with oil. Just regular canola oil and cotton swabs.

The kids enjoyed creating and painting with the oil.

The oil soaked into the construction paper, creating a dark pattern. Even when it dried, the general design was still visible.

The cotton swabs provided a different way to control the medium. The kids could produce more exact designs, like dots.

You don't need paint to create a "painting."


  1. I love this idea Scott - simple and very scientific too!

  2. We havedone something similar. We drew pictures with crayon and then painted ove rit with oil. The result was a translucent-ish paper with a shiny-ish drawing. The kids loved it.

  3. very interesting. thanks for sharing.

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    Pre-Schooler Daze

  4. The sensory benefits from the oil is great too. Thanks for the post. Love to have you visit me at toddlersthroughpreschool.com. Cathie J