Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - Painting

We love to paint in our classroom. We paint almost every week. So I'm always looking for new ideas (new at least to me). Here are some painting posts that I encountered recently.

Teach Preschool: Painting with Color Cubes - Deborah always inspires me in many ways. Her use of cubes is something that I always want to try. And we're definitely going to try using color cubes in our painting explorations.

My Hullabaloo: Lego Painting - Matt gave Lego bricks and paintbrushes to his kids. The results are great. I think combining Legos and paint is genius!

The Artful Parent: Painting Stickers from the Stationary Store - We've painted a lot of things but never stickers. I buy stickers from the office supply store but not white ones. I love the results that they got - both with the stickers and with the paintings they made that used them.

The Artful Parent: 35 Homemade Art Materials - Lots of links for different kinds of paint (and other art materials) that kids can make and then use.

Ooey Gooey: Flashlight Brush - I didn't know I needed one of these until I saw it. I wonder about painting in a darkened box or under a table tent. This just seems like a fun idea and I want to try it out.

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