Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I don't use labels for kids. Kids are always multi-faceted, varied people that are full of surprises. Sure, I can begin to see what individual kids enjoy. I think about what to put in the room based on the interests and likes of the kids in my room. I learn what they can do and try to provide challenges for them to grow. But I always discover new aspects of their personalities and abilities as they play. Labels focus on one aspect of a kid and they are always more than just one thing.

That said - this week I discovered a daredevil. Now, to see him and watch him in the room, you would never say he was a daredevil. He works quietly, usually alone. He loves to draw and create. He's quite an artist and sculptor. He sits quietly and thinks before he creates. 

This week he wanted to paint. He put on the smock and I put paper on the easel.

I came by after a few minutes and saw this.

"It looks like you are painting sideways," I said. 

"Uh huh," he said, intent on what he was doing.

I continued to watch as he completed the sideways painting. I asked if he just wanted to try painting sideways. He said yes. He's a daredevil...trying out his own ideas.

He could have asked me to turn the paper. He could have even turned it himself - the clips are easy to  move. But that's not what he wanted to do. He wanted to paint sideways. He's a daredevil. I hope he never changes.

P.S. He made me think about what I've been doing at the easel. I always put the paper in that "landscape" orientation. I think from now on I'm going to ask the kids which way to put the paper. Let them decide. See, I can be a daredevil, too. :)

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  1. Isn't it amazing to capture moments like this? I am lucky to have a magnetic easel so the children can choose their own size/colour/shape of paper & put it on themselves whatever way they want. I always love to see children who can do things their own way instead of following everyone else.