Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Busy Week...Concluded

It's been a busy week for me, teaching Vacation Bible School at my church with 5-year-olds. Here are a few favorites from the week.

The airplane was a hit all week. We pretended to be pilots, travelers, flight attendants, and so forth. Our homemade cockpit saw lots of use.

We made rhythm sticks with beads and sticks. We used a hot glue gun to make a stop and the bottom of the stick. After stringing beads on the stick, we used a little more hot glue to seal the top. Rub or click the sticks together to make fun sounds.

We planned to have the stickers out for only one day. But leaving them out all week encouraged more and more experimenting with them. This became a very popular spot throughout the week.

The kids liked the surprise play dough - although some of us wanted colors different from what we got.

Propeller drawing was a lot of fun. We liked experimenting with how to use the markers and what kinds of lines to make.

Of course, blocks were popular. Can you guess what this guy is doing? Can you guess what he did next?

We were really busy. We did lots of other things. Check out how full our bags were.

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