Monday, May 28, 2012

Write On!

This month I've seen lots of writing going on. What are favorites to write? Names, of course!

This one has a period after it. He has been doing that after his name almost all the time lately. I think he's showing that he knows what a period is and how to use it.


I love the techniques used in this--writing on white paper, cutting out the writing, gluing it on a matching piece of white paper. I don't know why she did it...but I love it.

Nothing like adding a few balls to the ends of each letter in a name.

Writing friends' names is a great way to use the dry erase board.

And using the pages of an old tablet is a great way to make a book about friends.

As the year progresses, my kids write more and more. Now days it seems they like practicing writing their own names and the names of friends.

And watching their thinking always seem to make me smile.


  1. I love watching this happen Scott :)

  2. I enjoy watching children write, and especially enjoy discovering WHAT they are writing about. Names, friends, pets, even "writing the room", it's all good practice. And fun to watch, too! :)