Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ms. Cindy Says

Hello Brick by Brick friends. Today is a special guest blogger day. I am Cindy, wife of Scott--the regular blogger at Brick by Brick. I am also a preschool teacher and I have some very strong feelings about certain things relating to the teaching of preschoolers.

Last night I was on the playground at church with two 5-year-olds. Some other teachers were on the adjoining playground with a group of 4-year-olds. The teachers and the children were blowing bubbles. One teacher complained that her bubble wand was defective. Seeing that the bubble solution was full of foam, I remarked, “The bubbles won’t blow if there is too much foam. We had that problem all the time when we taught 1-year-olds.”

She looked at me and replied, “That sounds like an oxymoron—teaching 1-year-olds!”

Aaaargh!!!! I immediately flashed back 14 years to when I told my aunt that I would be teaching 1-year-olds. “What can a 1-year-old learn?” she asked.

What can’t a 1-year-old learn? They are constantly learning!! They are learning to walk and to talk. They are learning how things feel and how things taste. They are learning that people care about them. They are learning about their world.

As a person who works with children (of any age) I strive to remember the words a wise person once said to me: Children are always learning and when you are with them, you are always teaching. What are they learning from you?


  1. Hi, Cindy, glad to meet you! I find that not only am I always teaching, I'm also always learning. That teacher you met might have gotten a little piece of mind, had I met her. I often hear that I'm not really "teaching" pre-k, it's "just play"! Oh, but it's so much more! Every moment of our day is a learning opportunity! :)

  2. Oh Cindy, I love this so much. My grandson is 13 months old and I am amazed at all the things he is learning. He is like a little sponge with so much to offer this world already! I hope you will share with us some more. Thank you Scott for sharing your space with your lovely wife:)


  3. I couldn't agree with you more, Cindy! I was at a cousin's baby shower today, and some of my younger cousins, who are new moms, and I were talking about this very thing - how EVERYTHING is magical at that age, how EVERYTHING is a new discover, how EVERY situation is an opportunity to learn and to teach! I'm off to share this on my page now! Scott, perhaps, Cindy should have a regular guest spot here! :)

  4. Thank you Cindy! When I was teaching 2 year olds a few years ago I got that response from so many people who would even go as far as telling me I was "just babysitting" which is also a huge pet peeve because how is babysitting "just" anything?! I wish people valued children as much as they think they do.

  5. I think anyone not in a 'proper' school class will always come up against this. I have had other teachers ask me if I am a qualified teacher because I 'only' work with 3 & 4 year olds. Sadly in N.Ireland where I teach teachers do not work with children before the age of 3, whereas I was so impressed when in Norway that they have teachers in the kindergartens with the youngest children. Lovely post & glad you wrote this post.