Wednesday, April 4, 2012

River Pictures

While we were creating a river in the blocks center (and feeding animals, too), we were also creating rivers at the art table.

Some blue and green paper, glue sticks, and long pieces of manila paper encouraged kids to create river scenes. To help them think about rivers, I put a card with a river illustration and the words Jordan River (since that river was in our Bible story).

Of course, they created whatever (and however) they wanted. Here are the results of their explorations.

This girl created hers like a mosaic. She found pieces that would
fit together to create what she wanted.

Each one is so distinctive. One thing I would do differently—cut the manila paper narrower. Some really wanted to create a river-type picture but lost interest (or just got tired) because the paper was too big.

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  1. I am always reflecting on process too Scott and deciding what I can do differently to keep the children engaged in a process. The river pictures are truly quite beautiful!