Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inspiration from the Blogosphere - Lego Bricks Edition

As I look through my blog posts, I seem to say a lot about building and construction. My current group of kids - and the group last year - really enjoy building and I'm always on the lookout for more and different ways to engage the kids in their favorite things.

This week I read a post on hands on: as we grow that had 40 block ideas. Just my kind of post! That post triggered some reminders of things to do with Lego bricks that are not just free building. So here are some of my favorite ideas of things you can do with Lego bricks--

Graph them (Mommy's Baby Love ) - Spin to find a color. Graph them on a board. An easy game to make...and good math learning, too!

Build words (or sentences) (Filth Wizardry) - Small labels attached to Duplo or Lego bricks can great some fun literacy games. A great repurposing idea.

Make a rainbow (Quirky Momma) - Follow a plan to create a rainbow. And this one could be redone again and again in lots of different ways.

Stamp with them (Filth Wizardry) - Create some fun, cool designs with the bricks and a stamp pad. You could create some designed paper to cut apart and use in collage projects and other art explorations.

Spell your name (Brick by Brick) - We explored building letters. Sometimes we followed the suggested way...and sometimes we ventured into ways of our own.

Travel with them (Finley & Oliver) - I found this idea via All for the Boys. I think I need to make one of these travel kits for myself. Maybe a great stress-reliever.

You can do many other fun things with Lego bricks. What are some great ideas you've seen?

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