Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's Paint Circles

We were talking about money, coins, and giving this week. So circle painting seemed like a good choice. I put out the gold and silver glitter paint. (I know, pro-glitter folks, this isn't really using glitter. I'm good with that!)

I put out a variety of items that make circles. This is a great activity to repurpose all kinds of items--plastic containers, cups, film canisters, PVC connectors, and marker lids. (You do save marker lids when you toss out dried markers, right?)

The kids experimented with painting circles.

A few kids made a some circles and moved on to other things. Others spent more time filling their papers or trying out different designs.

One boy worked at the table all alone...for a long time. He created circles and used a variety of sizes to fill in all the spaces. This is a guy that doesn't usually stay with an activity alone for so long. But he really seems focused on investigating the circles.

We talked about coins... at least I did. He listened but still continued to work. And worked some more after I stepped back and took pictures.

These activities--that allow kids to investigate the process--always seem to attract at least one kid for a long time. The child can decide how long to do something and when his work is complete. So--short or long--the investigation is just right for learning.

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  1. I've done this every year and the kids love it, so I have been trying to find neat things with other shapes to print. It is harder to find the other shapes.