Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Word: Choose

The new year always brings about a time of reflection. I reflect throughout the year, but when January rolls around, I have to take stock. Of course, I have resolutions or intentions or whatever to make some changes in my life...changes that need to be made and the new year is a time to jump in and change them. (You can read my anti-resolutions in yesterday's post.)

I read Christie's post about one word for the year (on Childhood 101 blog). Then on the Handwritten blog, I followed a link to One Word 365. I began to think about what my one word could be for 2012. What word could sum up what I'd like to accomplish and how I'd like to live? So I decided to select a word to remember and "guide" me this year.

My one word: CHOOSE

All the things that I want to change involve making a conscious choice - choosing moving over sitting still; choosing healthier food over junky stuff; choosing enriching activities over TV; and so forth. Being intentional and not just doing things by default. In the Bible, Joshua 24:15 states: "Choose whom you will serve." I will intentionally choose this year.

I've even discovered over the last month that I choose my attitude. I can be angry or frustrated or not. I can be sad or not. Now, sometimes those feelings are right and appropriate. But I don't need to camp there. I can acknowledge the anger or frustration or sadness and then choose to put it in perspective. And if I need time to be angry or sad for a while, I can choose that, too. (I just should not choose to project that onto others and cause problems.)

Choose is such an important word for my classroom, too. I can choose how to react to those circumstances. I can choose to be thankful for what I have and not wistful (or worse) for what I don't. I can choose to learn from things and not yell about them. Choose is a powerful word.

Choose is a powerful word for my kids, too. Included in my one word is my commitment to allow my kids to choose. They can explore and experiment. They can choose to use what I have supplied or not. They can choose to create or not. They can choose.

This is the year of CHOOSE for me.

Do you have one word for this year?


  1. Great post. The consumer society trains us to well... Consume! I am sure that you will enrich others including yourself in 2012.

  2. I have read your blog for awhile but have never commented. :) Something about this post resonated with me. I find myself stopping during the day to take a breath so I can think about my reactions. Your word reminded me of that. I think my word will be BREATH so I can stop and think before I react.

  3. My word for the year is BALANCE. I find myself going from one extreme to the other too easily- too much physical activity or too little, for example; too much self-indulgence or not enough- and so this year I'm trying to even up the scales. Wish me luck!

    And I like 'choose', too. It has some of the same resonance, I think.

  4. I like this word, choose.... My word for this year is frugal. I've made a decision to only buy used. We have too much, well... Stuff! And I have enough classroom supplies to last many years. My past words have been meander ( to allow me to slow down and enjoy life), remarkable ( again, to really see the joy) and last year's was content ( be happy with what I have) ... Hmmm... I'm seeing now how interrelated they all have been! good luck with your wise choices! ( something I say to the kids every day -- make wise choices)

  5. I guess off the top of my head (and not being all the reflective) I would have to say the word for me is Grandma:)

  6. Lovely post, Scott! CHOOSE is right near the top for me, as well, and tends to be amid many of my posts. My word for 2012 is Brilliant. Thanks to you (and Christie) for the inspiration of One Word! Happy New Year.