Thursday, January 19, 2012

"And a Splat of Peach"

I've written before that one of our favorite things is our easel and using the dry erase markers there. We were doing that again this week.

I walked up to the easel while boys were working there. I overheard: "And a splat of peach. Someone threw it there." Intrigued, I said something like, "Did you say peach?"

"We're making a dirty window," they said.

"And that's a splat of peach?" I asked, pointing to an orangy area. They nodded.

I watched the boys draw dirty windows...and clean them.

Over and over, they repeated this task.

I wondered about this particular idea. I never know exactly where kids get their ideas.

I'm thinking that our squeegie eraser caused them to think about cleaning windows. But it doesn't matter where the idea came from. I just enjoy hearing and watching them.

And if you need some windows cleaned, I know some guys who could do you a pretty good job.


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  2. Sorry- made a mistake in first post :( I love how the one little guy has both hands on the squeegy (how do you spell that word?!?) If he is going from left to right it counts as a literacy activity AND as a crossing the mid-line activity which helps both sides of the brain work together- SCORE! Love it!